The Movement Against Human Trafficking Gains Momentum


By Sam Solakyan


I typically begin each of my blogs with a bit of levity to set the tone from the outset.  Sadly, today’s topic is the incredibly tragic narrative of human trafficking, and levity would be inappropriate.


The Huffington Post recently reported that the FBI uncovered an operation involving 16 teenagers forced into sex trafficking for the Super Bowl in New Jersey. According to the report, children as young as 13 were involved in the prostitution ring.


This tragic story highlights the disturbing fact that human trafficking is not merely an odious and despicable crime, but also widespread and big business for the perpetrators involved.  In recent years organized crime has recognized that sex trafficking is more lucrative because you can sell a human being over and over again.  After drug dealing, trafficking of humans is tied with arms dealing as the second-largest criminal industry in the world.  Gangs now view child prostitution as a safer way to earn money, given that the authorities heavily monitor drug and gun trafficking, whereas child sex trafficking rings have been relatively neglected.


Thankfully, in this particular instance the FBI intervened and arrested those involved — including more than 45 pimps — in addition to rescuing 50 adult women who were being exploited as prostitutes.


Tragic stories such as these, as well as witnessing firsthand the unbearable suffering endured on the part of families whose children are abducted and forced into a life of prostitution, compelled me to become involved in the fight against human trafficking and helping those that have been victimized.


While we can all agree that human trafficking and sexual abuse is abhorrent and intolerable, those who wish to support the fight against this type of criminal activity may be unaware of their options.  I’ve met countless people who are passionate about fighting human trafficking, but are simply unaware of how to lend their support to such causes.  Should you volunteer at your local police station?  Should you make a donation somewhere?  In truth, there are several exemplary organizations that are working to combat human trafficking and need help and support from volunteers.


The Los Angeles YWCA provides victims of sexual abuse with counseling, crisis intervention, prevention education, and 24-hour advocate support at hospitals, law enforcement agencies and courts.  The Children of the Night organization in Van Nuys is dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the horrors of prostitution.  They provide 24-hour shelters at no cost to victims, and fund airfare or ground transportation for those outside of the area.  Additionally, NightLight Los Angeles provides anti-human trafficking programs and establishes partnerships with churches, law enforcement, social service organizations and community members in and around Los Angeles to provide services and programs that meet victims’ needs.  These are but a few of the many important organizations in the Los Angeles area that are undertaking critical efforts in the fight against human trafficking and can use your help.


The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is yet another organization that is improving our community by protecting children from exploitation and trafficking.  NCMEC is a nonprofit and its mission is to keep children safer from abduction and sexual exploitation.  They provide the resources necessary to do so while working closely with law enforcement, families and the professionals who serve them.  Since 1984 NCMEC has been one of the leading organizations in protecting our children.


When I first became passionate about helping the cause against human trafficking, I began volunteering with NCMEC.  In witnessing the positive effect they were having in keeping our children safe, I became inspired to continue supporting NCMEC’s mission on a greater scale.  Last month I sponsored a training course in Los Angeles with NCMEC for law enforcement officials, which focused on the growing crisis of child sex trafficking. The course utilized specialists from the field to teach and equip law enforcement personnel with the best methods and resources available to help thwart the perpetrators.  Ultimately, advanced training and development is vital because it keeps law enforcement one-step ahead of the criminals.


Anti-human trafficking initiatives are also receiving notice from our nation’s leaders.  There is currently a movement in Los Angeles, supported by Mayor Eric Garcetti, to raise public awareness of human trafficking.  Los Angeles city and county leaders have joined with the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, and the National Council of Jewish Women, in publicizing the mission through multiple language Public Service announcements.  County Supervisor Don Knabe likened the scourge of human trafficking with the war on drugs, and stated that, “This issue should have the same credibility and same awareness as the war on drugs did several years ago.  It is that bad, that horrific.”


It is clear that child sex trafficking is a prevalent issue in our country that demands our attention and vigilance.  I urge community conscious CEOs and executive professionals to sponsor a training seminar like the one we hosted in Los Angeles last month with your local law enforcement representatives.  As a NCMEC board member, I can put you in touch with the staff at NCMEC to bring the same training program to your community.  Individuals interested in sponsoring this type of specialized training for their law enforcement officials can contact me for additional information via:


Organizations working to vanquish human trafficking are always in need of help from volunteers and benefactors providing their time and financial contributions.  They work tirelessly for this cause and are only able to continue their mission through support from concerned citizens like you.  A complete list of organizations opposing human trafficking is also available online.  Together we can raise awareness and keep our children safe from human trafficking predators.


The Unique University of Phoenix Education

University of Phoenix Logo

By Sam Solakyan


A college education is what you make of it.  I’m a firm believer in that philosophy.  Often, too much emphasis is placed on name recognition when what should actually matter is the quality of the subject matter and how well the education prepares you for a career.


The modern college experience is unique to the individual.  For many, the college experience entails packing up the minivan and having your parents move you into a dorm room.  I was not afforded such a luxury, given my full time work demands and hectic schedule, so I chose an institution that could provide me with a world-class education while catering to those needs.


I chose the University of Phoenix (UOP).  We don’t have a football team.  We don’t have frat parties or pub-crawls.  But we do have professors who provide their personal experience from inside the world of business — former and current CEOs, Vice Presidents, and other business executives from Fortune 500 companies — which is an invaluable resource that sets apart the University of Phoenix.


For people who are serious about bettering themselves and have commitments such as full-time jobs and families, UOP is unequivocally the best option.  The student body is by and large very motivated to succeed.  They may have a family and want to better themselves.  Or they may have a career goal beyond their current position and want to advance to the next level, but need their education to accommodate their schedule.  UOP provides that needed schedule flexibility while not sacrificing quality of education.


The value of a UOP education is largely due to the exceptional faculty.  Depending on your respective discipline — for me it was business — you will have executives from the field as professors.  Each teaches real world and applicable methods that leave you with insight from on the job experience, and a readiness to take on a career and succeed.  Each is focused on you as an individual, and your personal growth and success.  Another invaluable aspect of the UOP education is the curriculum.


If you want to succeed in the world of business, you probably don’t need to take a 17th century French poetry class.  Instead, at UOP your curriculum is structured with courses that are suited to your specific career goals to ensure you are prepared to transition into the workforce with an excellent job the day after graduation.  Business students at University of Phoenix learn actual strategies required for success in the world of business.  They stay apprised of the latest trends and business practices.  The world of business is ever changing.  The UOP provides every resource imaginable, making their students uniquely qualified in comparison to the competition.


The economy is still struggling, and unemployment numbers need to improve.  The incredible competition among recent college graduates means companies will have their choice of the best candidates with the best education and preparation.  You won’t set yourself apart from the pack in a job interview by reciting French poetry or discussing art history.  But if you can demonstrate a true understanding of business as a science, and articulate your knowledge of first-hand, on the job experience from proven executives, you will.  A University of Phoenix degree provides such a luxury, which is why I’m proud to say I’m a University of Phoenix graduate.

sam solakyan office photo

Could Obamacare Contribute to a Decreased Quality of Medical Service?


By Sam Solakyan


Going to the doctor is not the definition of fun.  I don’t know anyone who finds a trip to the doctor or undergoing medical procedure to be form of entertainment.  It’s essentially on par with taking out the garbage or doing one’s taxes — it’s a nuisance that we don’t look forward to, but it simply has to be done. ……Continue Reading

Vital Imaging Makes Greater Commitment to MRI Research


Vital Imaging™ has teamed up with top researchers at the University of California, San Diego for a joint study which aims to compare the images of load bearing Gravitic™ MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with that of a supine Dynawell MRI scanner. Vital Imaging is renowned for its continued pursuit of improved healthcare by combining cutting edge technology with progressive research efforts. ……Continue Reading

Raihan Haque Fine Art Announces Delivery of its Latest Record Breaking Artwork

Sam Solakyan and MobyIRVINE, CALIFORNIA – May 14, 2013 – Raihan Haque Fine Art today announced that businessman Sam Solakyan has taken delivery of No. 1 of the record breaking artwork titled “Moby Diving Meticulous” (S/N RHFA200901-001).

Moby Diving Meticulous was first unveiled to the public during Raihan Haque’s Summer 2012 fine art exhibit held in California.  Since then it has garnered the interest of numerous art enthusiasts, galleries, and museums. ……Continue Reading

Vital Imaging / UCSD Joint Study is Awarded 2nd Grant by the Department of Defense

sam solakyan DoD

Vital Imaging™ has announced that it will be awarded a second grant by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to continue a joint research project with the University of California, San Diego. The grant will be utilized to further explore how equipment carried by United States military personnel effects the spine.

Vital Imaging™ has announced that it will be awarded a second grant by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to continue a joint research project with the University of California, San Diego. The grant will be utilized to further explore how equipment carried by United States military personnel effects the spine.

This study was first launched in 2011 as a joint venture between UC San Diego, Vital Imaging, and the Navy Health Research Center. The objective was to examine how the assault packs and body armor used by United States Marines effect the spine. This information will then be used to design new equipment that is intended to have a less negative impact on soldiers’ bodies. ……Continue Reading

Former DA accepts position as Global Holdings’ Chief Legal Counsel

Sam Solakyan


Global Holdings, Inc. today announced that Steve Cooley, former District Attorney for Los Angeles County, has accepted a position with Global Holdings, Inc. as Chief Legal Counsel.

Sam Solakyan, Global’s CEO, expressed praise for his new colleague: “Good leadership is the cornerstone of any successful organization – public or private. As DA Steve Cooley led over 1,000 prosecutors, efficiently and ethically, and his track record speaks volumes about both his talent and character. His career as District Attorney is inspirational and I am confident Mr. Cooley’s proven leadership and management skills will translate seamlessly to the corporate sector. He brings a wealth of experience to our organization, and we are very grateful to have onboard.” ……Continue Reading

Sam Solakyan Supports Wendy Greuel for Mayor

Wendy Greuel


Wendy Greuel has pledged to be a mayor for all of Los Angeles

…and she is traveling to neighborhoods in every part of the city to talk to voters about the future of LA and to encourage people to vote. “This is a crucial election, and I’m thrilled to see so many Angelenos who are enthusiastic about voting and are joining our campaign to change Los Angeles. I’ll be a mayor for all of Los Angeles… we’re talking to Angelenos in every neighborhood and community in the city about how we can create jobs, reform our schools, improve our transportation and root out waste in government,” Greuel said. “As someone who won their first election by 225 votes, I know how important it is to reach out to as many people as possible and encourage everyone to take part in the civic process.” ……Continue Reading

Burbank City Council Commends Sam Solakyan

Sam Solakyan

Burbank Commends Sam Solakyan

During a mid-February Burbank City Council Meeting, members of the committee paused to honor and offer a Commendation, to citizen and Global Holdings, CEO, Sam Solakyan.  In 2012 Sam learned that Providence St. Joseph Medical Center was terribly in need of updating the emergency response system in the ER. When he learned that a new technology was available to enhance the communication between police, fire and the ER personnel, Sam wasted no time in making the donation necessary to do this. “In a rapidly growing population like ours, we absolutely must find a way to provide health, safety and peace officers with the most state of the art and up to date equipment necessary to do their job.  ……Continue Reading

Sam Solakyan’s Vital Imaging at CAAA’s Winter 2013 Convention – San Diego, CA

Sam solakyan at CAAA


As a proud sponsor of California Applicant Attorney Association’s Winter 2013 Convention, the Vital Imaging staff had a blast this past January in San Diego! It was great to see so many familiar faces, connect with old friends and colleagues, as well as make some new acquaintances. Some of the booths really brought it this year– especially Allied Medical Group and their delicious mochas!  We want to thank the folks at CAAA, especially Isabel Pires, for all of their hard work in preparing such a great venue for us to promote ourselves and learn from all of the attendee’s and exhibitors!

Sam Solakyan hopes to see you in Las Vegas!

We hope that you had a chance to attend the convention and were able to stop by the Vital Imaging booth and get a free massage.  Be sure to pay us a visit this summer at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! Are you as excited as we are?

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